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2CO, one of the biggest and best online payment processors online that allows small, medium and big companies to implement their payment platform, bundles  a gateway and merchant account into one single offering and now in 2013 they have a new promo code that i’d like to share with you, use it and share it :)

Promo link:

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New low rates! (since July,2013)

2checkout Advantages:

2Checkout LogoThe latest benefits from this great company in 2013 are the new responsive checkout pages for customers that allow your clients to checkout on any mobile device or PC without problems with a responsive checkout page that adapts to the user’s screensize making the buying experience a very good one and fast. Another great benefit for 2013 is the new set of mobile apps they released for Android, iPhone and iPad. These new mobile apps will allow you to monitor your store and payments as well as deposits, refunds, order updates and messages to your clients. Just these two benefits that I am describing here are incredible because they are very modern features and will help your bottom line.

More 2CO benefits:

  • New accounts are opened fast and without problems
  • Sell online globally with Credit cards (also with Paypal) with a simple yet powerful solution.
  • Available in 8 payment methods, 15 languages, and 26 currencies.
  • Withdraw your earnings very easily in the US, Latin America or any part of the world in any ATM.
  • Manage your business on the go with mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • Dynamic Checkout: 2Checkout’s new checkout solution automatically responds to how your customers buy online. Whether it be on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, Dynamic Checkout provides the optimal experience.
  • Flat rate pricing
  • Security: PCI Level 1 Compliance is the highest level in the industry and protects you and your customers from online threats.
  • Compatible with MANY shopping carts (the most important ones).

Requirements to open a new 2Checkout account:

  • Create and Signup a new account at
  • Apply Promo Code to waive all initial fees
  • Add company information (very general, even for non-US merchants) and contact info
  • Add owner information
  • Add Product/Service info and website details *

* Note about your website details:
You must have a working website that shows your product or service very clearly like any company and also you have to show a clear Privacy and Refund Policy. If your site does not have a Privacy and Return Policy page your new account will not be accepted (In case your site is not ready they will notify you and keep your account on “hold” status until notify them about the update in your site). You can use this model page from 2CO to see the correct format and example texts that 2CO provides for merchants.You can simply copy paste this info on your site. 2CO will check your site after you have created your account so it is very important that your site is up and running.

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